Welcome to the Nutrition Pantry Program Category

Welcome to the Nutrition Pantry Program category!
Connect with fellow NPP implementers and share insights on your organization’s work, ask questions to the network, and celebrate each other’s graduations and successes!
Start by sharing a bit about yourself below (name, organization, position, years of implementation, and a fun fact)!

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Loving this platform already! Excited to use this space to connect with fellow implementers. :raised_hands:

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Good Morning, I’m Connie Smith, my title is a Nuli Pomaws Nutrition Educator for SNAP, I work for the Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness in the Maliseet and Mik’maq communities. I am newly hired in May of this year and getting used to the programs. I really enjoy teaching and cooking. :slight_smile: I look forward to what ideas I have for future PSE work in the pantries.