NPP Advisory Board Post- February

Hello Everyone, My name is Adriana Deloera from CAPK CalFresh Healthy Living Health Educator and I’ve been implementing for a little less than a year. I enjoy spending time with family, friends, traveling and trying new coffee shops/ food places.

What are some ways that you and your team have implemented NPP? Any challenges or tips and tricks on how to make a successful implementation?

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Hi Adriana, here in Michigan we’ve implemented it in a variety of large, medium, and small pantries.

We’ve found the most success when the pantry truly has the capacity to engage with the program. We face challenges mostly, I think, when in our initial meeting we don’t get specific enough about exactly how much work it will involve, and then folks get caught off guard. So just being honest and as detailed as possible about all the things you could do, and also being open to the fact they might not want to do everything, and that is fine.

What tips or tricks do you have?

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Hi Adriana, my team and I work in the Antelope Valley (40+ ish miles from Downtown LA) and we have 12 pantries that we conduct the NPP work with. Currently of the 12 pantries, 9 of them are certified and the other 3 are newly onboarded.

What I would say has been successful in our outreach and engagement with the pantry sites have been acknowledging what they are doing well and how what they are already doing aligns with the NPP work. This in turn motivates them to review the other strategies and encourages them to do more to get to the next certification level. In summary, celebrate their successes and that may be motivating for them to do more.