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CalFresh Healthy Living

Welcome to the CalFresh Healthy Living discussion category!
This is a place where we want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and seeking support. Our goal is to foster open conversations and create a safe space for you to get the help you need.

News & Announcements

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings on Leah’s Pantry or CalFresh Healthy Living by checking out this category.

Leah's Pantry

This category is for discussions related to Leah’s Pantry programs. If you have any ideas or questions that don’t fit into the other categories, this is the place to share them!

Wiser Dining

This category is for Wiser Dining implementers to share their experiences and for others to learn about the program. Feel free to ask questions, add pictures, and share anything else you’d like with other implementers.

Nutrition Pantry Program

Welcome to the Nutrition Pantry Program category!
Connect with fellow NPP implementers and share insights on your organization’s work, ask questions to the network, and celebrate each other’s graduations and successes!
Start by sharing a bit about yourself below (name, organization, position, years of implementation, and a fun fact)!

Stocking the Pantry Podcast

Hello there! We’re glad you’ve joined us on this platform. This is a place where you can chat about the latest podcast episodes. Check out the Podcast page on the Leah’s Pantry website to ensure you’re all caught up. Happy listening!


Join our gardening community to swap advice on growing, discuss garden plans, optimize your garden programs, share progress, and discover valuable gardening tips.

Around the Table

This is a space where you can connect with individuals who are also involved in implementing Leah’s Pantry Around the Table curriculum. We encourage you to join the conversation and share your thoughts!

PLC en Español

¡Bienvenidos a la categoría en español! Aquí, los espanohablantes se reúnen para intercambiar información valiosa, experiencias y hacer preguntas relacionadas con la programación de SNAP-Ed. Nuestro objetivo es fomentar conversaciones abiertas y crear un espacio seguro para que obtengas la ayuda que necesitas.

Food Smarts

This category serves as a hub for Leah’s Pantry Food Smarts implementers. We invite you to participate in insightful conversations and contribute your expertise. Your thoughtful contributions enrich our collective knowledge base.

Food Smarts Waste Reduction

Welcome to our dedicated space for Leah’s Pantry Food Smarts Waste Reduction implementers. Engage in meaningful conversations and share your expertise.

Smarter Lunchroom Movement

The Smarter Lunchroom Movement is an initiative aimed at improving the eating habits of school children by making healthy food choices more appealing and accessible.