FSWR: Personal Reflection Activity

  1. One thing that I do to reduce food waste is planning a leftover/clean out the fridge night for dinner each week. This ensures that we are not throwing away food (or atleast throwing away less food).

  2. I think I would like to try the Thats Not Waste activity myself at home to see if I can come up with more/different ways to reuse foods/leftovers. This may even inspire me to try to new recipes!

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  1. At home, we are currently recycling all waste - I’d like to dabble into the world of compost.
  2. I found making veggie broth most interesting - a great way to use up our leftover vegetable scrapes.
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  1. I often times make stocks and broths out of all of the veggie and herb scraps. I also eat the skins of most of my veggies–partly because I’m lazy and hate peeling/cleaning up, and also partly because I was taught at a young age that the skins are where most of the nutrients are(and I’ll get super mega eyesight if I eat them!)
  2. I definitely need to tighten up my composting game. I will start a compost bucket/bin, but then once it’s full I don’t actually know what to do with most of it so it gets trashed in the end :frowning:
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  1. I currently freeze fruit and veggie scrapes to use in future dishes.

  2. Using water to extend the shelf life of herbs.

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  1. I currently reduce food waste by meal prepping. Before I go to the store I will make a list of what I need so throughout my work week I can make sure to eat it all and not overbuy. I will check my refrigerator before I go grocery shopping to plan accordingly.
    2.I want to start composting. I think I still need to learn more about the specifics and educate myself, but I learned from the curriculum the many benefits composting has on our environment.
  1. One way that I reduce food waste in my home is composting.
  2. I’d love to use more new recipes using leftovers.
  1. I currently reduce food waste by storing food in the freezer if I know I won’t eat it that week.
  2. After going through this curriculum, I would like to use my vegetable scraps to make vegetable stock.
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  1. I meal prep to ensure that I utilize ingredients currently in my pantry and minimize how much food I buy each week.
  2. I want to become better at using food scraps in my meal prep that I normally throw away or compost.
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  1. One way I reduce food waste in my home is by portioning foods out and freezing the rest of the food we don’t plan on cooking.
  2. I would like to start composting and using straps to make stock.
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  1. What we do to reduce food waste currently is use up food as much as possible. Meaning even if the expiration date or used by date states a date that has already passed, we try and use smell and looks to distinguish if the food has actually gone bad. This has allowed us to keep food much longer.
  2. What I would like to try at home from the curriculum is continuing to look better at my storage of my current food items at home. I realized during the curriculum that I may not be storing my food items in the proper or best way for longevity of my foods. I’m really excited to implement what I learn into my everyday life.
  1. I compost at home, and put any other food scraps that I don’t want in my garden bin, such as meat/bones, in the trash pick up company’s yard waste/compost bin
  2. I would like to use more of my vegetable scraps to make broth.
  1. What is one way that you currently reduce food waste in your home?
    Shop little, i only buy for couple days, week at the most and eat left overs and freeze.

  2. What is one thing you’d like to try at home from the curriculum?
    I want to try fermenting and pickling but i dont know how. Would love some tutoria videos especially so i can educate others in my position

1- Buying too much food and either not eat it all or forget about it and eventually it expires.
2- The recipes seem very appetizing and nutritious.

  1. One thing I do currently to reduce food waste at home is to buy less from the grocery store. This is more manageable when I make more frequent trips to the store as needed so that I don’t buy too much food as often.
  2. One thing I’m looking forward to is buying food with new knowledge about what food codes actually mean. I think I will end up throwing a lot less food away by knowing what things like “Best by” actually mean.
  • What is one way that you currently reduce food waste in your home?
  • What is one thing you’d like to try at home from the curriculum?
  1. When planning out my meals throughout the week, I try to purchase only the necessary groceries needed. However, if there are any leftover ingredients then I make a meal with those leftover ingredients such as a stir-fry. Another practice I implement at home is freezing some food items and save them for another day to eat.

  2. The lesson on teaching how to make broth with vegetable scraps was fascinating and innovative. Therefore, I would like to attempt to make my own vegetable broth with the scraps collected from vegetables. I would also like to research more about making my own bone broth with the scraps of bones from things such as chicken.

  1. What is one way that you currently reduce food waste in your home?
    I try to buy what I’m going to use for the week.

  2. What is one thing you’d like to try at home from the curriculum?
    I would like make vegetable stock with vegetables that I have left over.

  1. try to divide food for easy access meals
  2. prep day! chop fruits and veggies and store them in the fridge/freezer for future use.
  1. I would like to plan my meals for the week instead of just going to the store
  2. I would like to use my vegetable scraps instead of throwing them away.
  1. I try not to overbuy and make a list when going grocery shopping. I will also try to create dishes with what I already have in my pantry/fridge before going grocery shopping.
  2. I would like to try to utilize more vegetable scraps for broth or creating a new dish.
  1. Within the past couple months I have been designating time to fully meal plan for my upcoming week. Not only has it reduced my food waste, but also saving my pockets from unnecessary take out orders.

  2. I saw several recipes that I would love to try.