Food for Thought: Innovative Approaches to Reducing Food Waste

We’re thrilled to have you here as we dive into discussions, share insights, and brainstorm innovative solutions to tackle the pressing issue of food waste. This topic is designed to foster collaboration, inspire new ideas, and build connections among participants who are passionate about making a difference.

For Those Who Could Not Attend the In-Person Event:

Even if you weren’t able to join us in person, your voice is valuable in this ongoing conversation. This topic provides a platform for you to contribute, share, and learn from others dedicated to reducing food waste. Feel free to participate in the discussions, share your experiences, and ask questions!

Not sure what to talk about? Try answering one of the questions below:

  1. What are the most significant challenges you’ve encountered in your efforts to combat food waste?
  2. Can you share any innovative solutions or approaches that have been effective in your experience?
  3. How can technology be leveraged to address food waste issues more effectively?
  4. What role do you think policy changes play in the fight against food waste?
  5. How can we better engage communities in food waste reduction efforts?

:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for being a part of this crucial conversation. Whether you were able to attend the event or are joining us now, your contributions are valued.

Hi! I’m excited to answer some of these questions.

  1. I think one issue that pops up is not cooking enough at home. Whether it’s not enough time, cooking isn’t the easiest option that week, or even something as simple as you leave for a week without prepping the foods you have in your fridge. Food waste can happen so fast without realizing it.
  2. Personally, we try to save anything and everything. Using “scraps” to make a stock, using the whole veggie or fruit, rather than throwing the “extras” away, and even cutting off pieces that have gone bad so we can use the rest of the item that is usable.
  3. This is a great question! Technology can help us with pinpointing perfect temperatures for certain foods. I don’t think we have even seen the half of it yet!
  4. Oh, there is so many roles policy changes can play! Better policies, means more food that can be consumed and less in landfills. Which honestly helps everyone on this planet!
  5. I think this type of knowledge can be in schools, not just colleges. There are plenty of ways to engage children and get them on right path with this huge issue we are facing as a human race.
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The challenge that I have encountered is food safety standards and knowledge not being present for events/trainings/meetings that have food/snacks/drinks.

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