See Her Bloom: A Universal Design Interview

This month on Stocking the Pantry, we’re spotlighting See Her Bloom and their mission to support Black women in California experiencing substance use disorder through culturally relevant resources and treatment options. We’re also presenting an accessible, universal design-inspired post with transcriptions, audio excerpts, and graphics. A shortened version is featured here on the PLC, with the full story available on the Leah’s Pantry website.

Our hosts, Colby D’Onofrio and Tee Atwell spoke with Connie Chan Robison, Executive Director of the Center for Collaborative Planning (home of the See Her Bloom project), and Theresa Hunter, a community participant and contributor to the planning of the See Her Bloom website.

Happy reading and listening!

“…a lot of the historic research in this field or on these issues has been done through the lens of men. And substance use and mental health research is no different.”
-Connie Robinson

Stocking The Pantry Podcast (Leah's Pantry) · D. Connie Robinson

“Just knowing the importance of having nutritious food and to give my body back what I had depleted it of and having a place to provide that to myself.”
-Theresa Hunter

Stocking The Pantry Podcast (Leah's Pantry) · E. Theresa Hunter

Tee: Connie, any words of advice for providers and CFHL implementers?

Connie: Don’t make assumptions about people’s substance use behaviors. Respond to substance use disorders as you might with someone who is managing a chronic illness. Substance use disorder is an illness requiring our compassion and care, not a personal choice. Finally, we have to pay attention and learn from history when our society waged war on the Black community, who were and continue to suffer from the repercussions of criminalizing drug use.

Learning more about See Her Bloom?

Connie: The See Her Bloom website has the information needed for folks to submit their stories for publication. We regularly update the site with additional resources. We invite your audience to stay tuned for podcasts and other curated events to spotlight the work of trauma-informed and BIPOC providers and their insights to optimize care for Black women. You can follow us on Instagram @seeherbloom.

What’s in Your Pantry?

Tee: For our final question today, we would like to know: What do you stock your pantry with, both literally and/or figuratively?

Connie: A liberal dose of hope, optimism, and humility combined with a generous portion of gratitude. A slice of key lime pie couldn’t hurt, too!

To view the full article, visit the Leah’s Pantry website.


Love this. Looks fantastic.


See Her Bloom is doing very important work. This interview holds so much key information about an under-reported topic and is a very informative read. Absolute Gem Guests as well! Please be sure to check out the full article in the LP website.


I was not aware of “Universal Design”. I really enjoyed the different “components” of the post. Great job! :slight_smile:

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