Navigating the Holidays with Body Positivity

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the diversity of our community and prioritize love, connection, and self-care above all else. Check out the tips below for a body-positive holiday season, and dont forget to participate! Share your stories, offer support to one another, and let’s collectively create a space where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Tips for a Body-Positive Holiday Season

  1. :trophy:Celebrate Non-Physical Achievements: Instead of focusing on appearance-related goals, celebrate the achievements and positive moments that have occurred throughout the year.

  2. :arrows_counterclockwise: Shift the Conversation: If you find yourself in conversations revolving around diets or body size, consider gently shifting the focus to more positive and inclusive topics.

  3. :mirror_ball: Create Inclusive Spaces: Foster an environment that is accepting of all body types and sizes. Encourage inclusive language and actions within your social circles.

  4. :sparkling_heart: Practice Self-Compassion: Give yourself the gift of self-compassion. Remember that your worth is not determined by your appearance, and it’s okay to set boundaries around discussions that may be triggering.

Embracing the beauty of diversity – happy holidays!


Love these tips! I especially like the one around shifting the conversation, I find that happens a lot during gatherings. It can be hard when the conversation morphs into “Wow, you look great, have you lost weight?” and so it is a seemingly positive conversation, but still focused on weight and maybe less positive for those in the conversation who are not receiving the compliment. That can be a hard one to shift. I also hear a lot of comments around “oh this food is so good, but wow I am going to pay for this” or something like that. Would love any topis for gracefully shifting those conversations!


“You look great, have you lost weight?” may seem positive, but there are so many unhealthy reasons someone may have lost weight (illness, eating disorders, mental health challenges, etc.). This comment also implies that the person didn’t look as good before they lost weight. One way to shift the conversation could be to respond about how you feel. “I feel healthy” (or strong, or rested, or happy to be here, etc.). We can also try to stop commenting on how others look. “It’s so great to see you!” or “You look so happy!” (or relaxed, or something that isn’t about body size) are great alternatives.


When I hear those kind of comments about food (implying that we have to work off our calories vs enjoy the food), I just try to ignore the comment and restate something positive about the food. “I love pie!” or “This really is the best mac and cheese!” Hope everyone has some delicious food (and not too much food-related stress) this season!

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