Addressing Body Image In Nutrition Education

Tune in to the latest episode of Stocking the Pantry, titled “Addressing Body Image In Nutrition Education.” Hosts Tee and Colby chat with Jennie Altman, MS, RDN, Community Programs Manager for AZ Health Zone (Arizona’s SNAP-Ed program).

In this episode, we explore strategies for addressing body image and combating anti-fat bias in SNAP-Ed programming and messaging. We discuss AZ Health Zone’s “The Language of Health” toolkit, designed to guide conversations about health, nutrition, physical activity, fitness, diet culture, and body size using an asset-framing and strengths-based approach.

We want to hear from you!
How do you think anti-fat bias influences the way we design and deliver nutrition education? Can you share any experiences or examples from your own work or community where addressing (or not addressing) this bias had a significant impact? What steps can we take as nutrition and community educators to create more inclusive and supportive environments?

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