Healthy Living with Park Prescriptions (ParkRx)

Park Prescription (ParkRx) programs have gained popularity in CFHL as an approach to improving public health by encouraging individuals to spend time in natural settings. These programs involve healthcare providers or community partners prescribing outdoor activities in parks to address various health issues.

Use this category to showcase your work with ParkRx, ask for advice, and connect with other implementers in the field!

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Hello everyone. I am Gio Miramontes, Program Manager for Innovative Health Solutions. Napa County Public Health contracts us to implement the CFHL and AAA programs. I have been with IHS since Sept 2021.
My passion for ParkRx started way before I even knew it was a concept or an actual program. I have always intuitively gravitated towards physical activity in the outdoors.
I have facilitated the Napa ParkRx coalition since Spring 2022. We purchased a license with OuterSpatial in fall 2022. I have helped develop a few tools we use to promote and educate about ParkRx in relation to nutrition and physical activity.
I am hoping to learn how to better engage community and partners to work smarter.
We have just launched a new ParkRx program called COWS/VACAS - Community Outdoor Wellness Sessions/ Vámonos Afuera Con Amor y Sonrisas. The focus is on food, movement and nature. Unlike health or resource fairs, partners aren’t just passively tabling, they are asked to provide an engaging activity that focuses on any aspect of health and wellness. We offer free zumba, food distribution, group bike ride, mobile clinic services, and more. We are hoping to grown and increase community engagement. We are stacking out services and those of our community partners.


How do we get more information about what ParksRx is and how to get started?

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Hey @Stephania, we will host a virtual summit on this topic next month! You can register and learn more about the event here.

I won’t be able to attend that webinar. Do you know if it will be recorded?

Yes! After the webinar, you will have access to the recording and any resources discussed during the session :slightly_smiling_face:

If you missed it here’s some info on the event!

Dana from the Poe Center in Raleigh. No experience YET but LOVE the concept and hoping to learn more! THANK YOU!