Episode 09: Exploring The Meaning of Food w/TulsaCARES

:loudspeaker: Episode 9 of Stocking the Pantry is now available!

Tune into Exploring The Meaning of Food w/ Tulsa CARES with Casey Bakhsh, CPO of TulsaCARES, a social service organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that specializes in providing wrap-around services and compassionate care to folks who are low-income and living with HIV, AIDS, and/or Hepatitis C.

Wondering what your top domains are? Take the Meaning of Food questionnaire, developed by researchers Noami Arbit, Matthew Ruby, and Paul Rosin from Columbia University (Teachers College), and The University of Pennsylvania (Department of Psychology), respectively. The questionnaire has been adapted by Leah’s Pantry and is offered in English, Spanish, and Russian.

In what ways did you hear the different domains (social, sacred, aesthetic, health, and moral) show up in the Second Cup Lunch program? Share your thoughts about the episode, the meaning of food in our lives, and the work that TulsaCARES is doing below!

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I enjoyed this podcast. I can relate with how rewarding it is to offer food as a way to connect and teach people. I find week to week that I am seeing more people return and more wanting to be involved in the classes. This has been very exciting as we need this in our communities.


Wow Ms. Connie; this gave me goose bumps reading! Like Casey said, “it’s not [all about] the food…it is about the connection!” Please share more about your organization and the services you provide!


Hi TeeLarae. What would you like to know about the organization and its services specifically? Who can we put you in touch with?

Hello Gabriel,

I was interested in learning more about Ms. Connie and her work!

@LP_Staff Can anyone direct Tee Larae to the right people.