Webinar Rewind: Top Picks and Insights

Have you recently watched a recorded webinar that left you feeling informed and inspired? Do you think it deserves a wider audience? In this thread, we encourage you to post your reviews of the recorded webinars you’ve watched on the CFHL Statewide Training Learning Platform. Share highlights, key takeaways, areas for growth, and discuss how you plan to implement the insights gained.

Please begin your review with:

  • The name of the Recorded Webinar Course where the webinar can be found.
  • Name of the Webinar.
  • Your rating out of five stars :star::star::star::star::star:

Here are some prompts to guide your review:

  • What were the most impactful takeaways from the webinar? How do you plan to apply these insights to your work or personal projects?
  • Which speaker or segment did you find most engaging, and why?
  • Did the webinar address any challenges you face? How do you plan to overcome these obstacles with the knowledge you gained?
  • What would make this webinar even better?
  • Do you have any additional resources related to the webinar topic that you’d like to share with the community? If so, link them here.

Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, and engage with others!