About the 2023 CalFresh Healthy Living Forum category

We’re excited about the upcoming CalFresh Healthy Living Forum! Join us as we explore “Equity in Action: Supporting Healthy Communities Together.”

We’d love to hear from you - What are you most looking forward to at this year’s event? We’re committed to promoting equity in our communities, and we know that you are too. Let’s come together to make this year’s forum truly exceptional!

I’m truly looking forward to hearing more about all the great work happening in the state. I am excited about what CalFresh Healthy Living has to offer our communities and am excited to learn more!


That’s awesome! It’s so exciting to see how enthusiastic you are about the CalFresh Healthy Living Forum and all the amazing progress happening in our state! :herb::muscle::smile:

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I am looking forward to the networking opportunities. I’ve met some many people virtually this year. I can’t wait to see them and connect in-person.


Wow!! Really enjoyed Connecting the Dots: Taking it to the next level.

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